1. The promoter of this business opportunity is FM GROUP, 220 Shaftesbury Avenue, South Harrow, Middlesex , HA2 0AW which is referred to this agreement as FM GROUP. The products which are the subject of this business opportunity are the perfumes and goods described in the current FM GROUP catalogue or otherwise distributed by FM GROUP.

2. This agreement comprises the terms and conditions set out in this document and the business manual and sets out the entire agreement and all terms of your agreement. There is no oral terms, your recruiter is not authorized to vary them and they may be amended in writing only. This agreement is personal to you and you are not permitted to assign or transfer your position as a FM GROUP distributor to any other person without the agreement in writing of the Company.

3. A member of the FM GROUP sale network can become an adult person of age of 18 recommended by another member of the FM GROUP called sponsor. The recommended person signs the contract of the participator in FM GROUP sale network. Ones the contract is approved in the FM Group office the candidate becomes a member of the FM GROUP sale Network.

4. A new member signs the contract with the FM GROUP in the country of his residence (long inhabitancy). If there is no FM GROUP office in the new member?s country he signs the contract with the nearest foreign country where the FM GROUP exists.

5. If the member of the FM GROUP sale network changes the country of the residence he is obligated to inform the FM Group office in that country and update the new contact details.

6. The member of the FM Group sale network agrees his personal details are kept by FM GROUP in data base of the members from all over the world used only by the FM GROUP and to be processed and made available to the companies that perform shipment services for the FM GROUP. The data base is made to create an international sale network in MLM system.

7. The member of the FM GROUP can posses only one ID number in the FM GROUP WORLD database. This also refer to the person who overtaken the ID number from the resigning member of the FM GROUP WORLD.

8. After the agreement is signed the member can not change his sponsor. If a member wants to change his sponsor he can terminate his agreement on writing and join the FM GROUP under new sponsor after 6 months.

9. The marriage and the members of the limited company (shareholders) can exist on one ID number. In the ordering and bonus system they are treated as a one member of the FM GROUP.

10. The rights of the FM GROUP member can?t be transferred to the other person except husband, and wife, shareholder of the limited company and other adult person after signing an agreement of transferring all membership rights. The overtaking person can?t be deprived the rights of the FM GROUP member before.

11. The member of the multilevel marketing sale network organization exercise the rights of the sale network the same for all FM GROUP WORLD.

12. The Marketing Plan defines the rules of getting points for the results of the sale of the particular FM GROUP products and vested bonuses and discounts.

13. The member of the FM GROUP purchase FM products mostly in the country of his residence. The FM GROUP member has a right to purchase FM products in other country where FM GROUP exists but no more that 30 bottles per one invoice.

14. Order cancellation rights. The FM GROUP member is given 14 days in which to cancel any contract and get his money back for all promotional materials supplied he wants to returned. You can also return to FM GROUP within 14 days of the termination of your agreement any goods which you have purchased from FM GROUP within the period of 6 months prior to such termination. If the goods are returned in the condition in which they were supplied (except the products which were discontinued) FM GROUP will give you a 90% refund on return of goods. You should note that the products which have been opened or part used cannot be resold as new so you will be given a nominal refund for them only. The FM GROUP member has a right to cancel his order of any value within 14 days.

15. On termination of your agreement for any reason you shall be entitled to retain any commission paid to you except the commission in respect of goods refunded to FM GROUP which shall be refunded by you to FM GROUP forthwith on request by FM GROUP, provided that FM GROUP has refunded any monies due to you in accordance with the termination provisions of this agreement and repayment of the commission is claimed by FM GROUP within 4 months of when it was paid.

16. If your distributor in your line of recruitment returns any products to FM GROUP and obtains a refund, or fails to pay for the products, you agree to repay on demand to FM GROUP any commission, bonus, discount or other payment received by you from FM GROUP.

17. The member has a right to buy products only for himself, his family and friends to recommend the FM GROUP products if he doesn?t want to sell it.

18. The FM GROUP member has a right to present the FM products on the picnics, banquets, markets, fairs to promote this products and to gain new members but he can?t sell it there.

19. The member of the FM GROUP shall sell products to customers as a self employed principal and not as FM GROUP agent or employee. You shall not have any authority to negotiate the sale or purchase of FM GROUP products on behalf of FM GROUP or to negotiate and conclude the sale or purchase of FM GROUP products on behalf of or in the same of FM GROUP.

20. Independent direct sellers are personally responsible for declaring their earnings to the Inland Revenue for income tax purposes, registering with the Inland Revenue within three months of taking up an earnings opportunity.

21. If one of your customers wishes to exchange or return a product under the terms of the FM GROUP guarantee you agree to exchange or refund to your customer the full price paid. FM GROUP agrees to supply a substitute product of similar value.

22. You will not leave products with your customer until full payment has been received by you in cash or by cheque payable to you.

23. You shall operate your business in a lawful and ethical manner and not make any false and misleading claims about the products. You agree to seek to maintain the image and reputation of FM GROUP before the public and you agree not to make any statement or do any act which might be detrimental to the image of FM GROUP or its products.

24. You recognize that the FM GROUP trade marks and trade name are the property of FM GROUP and you agree not to infringe them in any way.

25. FM GROUP agrees to supply you with all FM GROUP products ordered by you, provided each order includes corresponding payment.

26. You understand that FM GROUP has the right to refuse to supply products to you if in FM GROUP?s opinion you are acting in a manner which could be deemed detrimental to FM GROUP.

27. GROUP UK agrees to pay all bona fide discounts (maximum 50% per invoice), commissions and bonuses as set out in the current Marketing Plan.

28. The member of the FM GROUP who will not purchase products of 34.42 points value in a certain month looses the right to discounts, commissions and bonuses for this month.

29. The member of the FM GROUP is obligated to make a purchase products of the value of L30 in a period of 12 months since he has joined the FM GROUP. If he does not make this purchase the agreement will expire.

30. The member of the FM GROUP agrees to pick up the parcel sent by FM GROUP. If he refuses the parcel he agrees to cover the costs of returning the products to FM GROUP.

31. The member of the FM GROUP agrees to sell products only for the prices according to a current FM GROUP Catalogue. The Catalogue?s prices does not refer to the seasonal promotions.

32. The FM GROUP products are presented as the original products of the FM GROUP. You agree to not misguide your potential customers.

33. The member of the FM GROUP can?t use his sale network to sell perfumes and other perfume products of the other companies.

34. The FM GROUP may terminate (suspend) this agreement with immediate affect if any of the following rules are broken by the member:
a. if you make any statement in this registration form which is untrue,
b. if you break any rules of this agreement,
c. if a petition for your bankruptcy is presented to any Court having jurisdiction over you

35. Either you of FM GROUP may terminate this agreement at any time by giving 14 days written notice of termination.

36. In the case of terminate this agreement with the member who has a sale network, the FM GROUP agrees to pay all commissions and bonuses earned up to the day of the end of the agreement and all members of his sale network will be moved under his sponsor.

37. In case of the FM GROUP member?s death the sale network can be inherited by the closest family (husband, wife) or the shareholder in a limited company. If not the sale network is moved up to the closest sponsor.

38. FM GROUP reserve the right to change the present terms and conditions. You agree that FM GROUP may amend those terms at any time by notifying you and you agree to abide by those terms as amended from time to time.